The first four products to be manufactured for this unique Coalition will be available this quarter

RICHMOND, Va., March 29, 2022 – The Children’s Hospital Coalition™ (CHC) is a first-in-kind coalition that brings together the nation’s top children’s hospitals with Phlow™, a U.S. -based innovative essential medicines impact company, to ensure the availability of critical, hard-to-secure pediatric medications for American families. Recognizing that the current pediatric essential medicine supply is a critical problem in the U.S., this unique alliance aims to strengthen supply, providing security to families whose children rely on these essential medicines. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Nicklaus Children’s Health System are the latest hospitals to join this growing coalition.

“For many years, we have been an advocate for the production of safe, high-quality pediatric medications that families and providers have struggled to access,” said Madeline Bell, President and CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “We are thrilled to join our peers in this coalition and Phlow in reimagining the essential medicine supply chain and reducing the uncertainty created by this longstanding challenge.”

“We are honored to join in this initiative, and excited to collaborate with the CHC and Phlow to make sure every child has access to the medicines they need,” said Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital. “We recognize firsthand that children’s hospitals across the country fight serious drug shortage challenges and we are ready to re-imagine the essential medicine supply chain.

“Nicklaus Children’s is excited to be part of this coalition and work with other hospitals in our mission to provide access to high-quality medical care and much needed medicines to children everywhere”, said Matthew A. Love, President and CEO of Nicklaus Children’s Health System. “Children’s hospitals across the country face similar essential drug shortages so we look forward to collaborating with other top providers to address these issues within the medicine supply chain.”

As the CHC comes upon the one-year anniversary of the launch of the coalition, they are excited to celebrate the accomplishments achieved together. “It is so exciting to see us making real, collaborative progress in alleviating the shortage problem,” said Eric Balmir, Chief Pharmacy Officer of Children’s National Hospital. “We’ve already identified 25 essential drugs that have been in shortage but are essential to children’s hospitals and the CHC is a great way to get together with a company that can really focus on providing us solutions to remedy these challenges.”

Over the quarter the CHC will have access to four products that they originally identified. Phlow has secured three years of committed inventory and production for these products specifically for CHC members. This ensures ongoing, available supply for the CHC.

“We are working to transform child health and to prevent pediatric drug shortages,” said Steve Davis, MD, President and CEO of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “The CHC’s collaborative approach provides us with the ability to have a tremendous impact on children and their families.”

“We have been working closely with the CHC to identify products most in need and are thrilled to have the first four products available to our hospital members over the coming quarter,” said Dan Hackman, CBO of Phlow. “Phlow is committed to delivering to the CHC a reliable supply of products that will help them treat their patients and not waste precious time and resources dealing with drug shortages.” The CHC’s Clinical Advisory Council is also working to identify novel pediatric essential medicines for Phlow to develop and deliver to the CHC. These products will fill the hospitals’ need for appropriate pediatric specific formulations and concentrations.

The founding members of the CHC, including Phlow, welcome new children’s hospitals to join in this bold initiative. Please visit for more information on how to join the CHC.

About Children’s Hospital Coalition

The Children’s Hospital Coalition™ (CHC) is a first-in-kind coalition that brings together some of the nation’s top children’s hospitals with Phlow™, an innovative essential medicines impact company. Together, CHC members seek to provide certainty in availability, quality, access, and affordability for key medicines necessary to sustain life and conquer disease and to address the nation’s broken essential medicines supply chain. The care of America’s children is unnecessarily impacted by shortages of essential medicines that may result in compromised patient care, clinician frustration, and increased hospital pharmacy costs and inefficiencies. This is why the CHC is working to revolutionize the way essential medicines are brought to children in need. Other children’s hospitals are encouraged to join in this cause. For more information, visit

About Phlow

Phlow Corp. is a U.S.-based innovative essential medicines impact company that is reimagining the essential medicine supply chain through innovation in how these medicines are manufactured. Founded in 2020, Phlow is committed to securing the nation with a predictable and stable domestic supply of essential medicines. Phlow is working to establish a resilient end-to-end solution that is U.S.-based, comprehensive, and fully integrated so no patient has to go to a hospital to find out that the medicine they need is not available. With the support of an exceptional team, experienced strategic partners, and established relationships at the policy, regulatory, and federal levels, Phlow will manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished pharmaceutical products domestically for essential medicines critical to healthcare. Through the use of state-of-the-art green chemistry, continuous flow technology, and other advanced manufacturing processes, Phlow is able to reduce costs and waste, improve quality and yield, and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to batch manufacturing. For more information, visit